Sunday, October 2, 2016

Red Animal Print Peplum Top--Simplicity 1488

Yesterday in between all of my client sewing I received a lovely invite (thanks BLJ) to attend "The Red Shoe" event, a wonderful event put on by a friend as a surprise appreciation for Husband's. Couples. One of the event requirements was to wear a pair of RED SHOES. I have a red pair of Mary Jane's (very demure and unsexy) so I opted to buy some pumps instead. The day of the event I whipped up this top to go with the outfit. I can actually say it was WAY quicker to sew this one up ( less than 1.5 hours)--- way less time to run out and try and find something. It's times like this I greatly appreciated the gift and talent of sewing. I used Simplity Sew Simple 1488--I think I've made this before. It went together FAST! And of course you KNOW how I feel about peplums. They are my WEAKNESS!!!!  I'm starting to think I'm gonna end up with a closet full of them LOL! Anyway I've had this red rayon one way stretch animal print knit in my stash for ages so it was great to put it to use. I LOVE the way the top came out and we had a FANTASTIC time at the event. My Hubby is my #1 fan so it was nice to really show him how much I appreciate him. As an entrepreneur trying to run 3 businesses I can't tell you how taxing & demanding that is at times. But he always supports me and helps me hold things together. It was so nice to celebrate him and other Hubby's at the event!!!

(The honoree! So nice to do something for someone who does so much but asks for so little in return. This guy's my rock and I thank God for him!!!!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Someone Needs You!!!

 For some reason or another many of us forget this from time to time. Even me! I was recently reminded when I stumbled upon this recent song clip of a man singing on a NY subway platform. The song he belted out was "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. This has always been my FAVORITE love song!!! Always!!!

 I'd never found anyone who could touch the Righteous Brother's version until Mike Yung, the gentleman in the video, gave his rendition. This video has taken off over the internet and thousands of people,now fans were so touch by his singing. This video is only 2:20 but it's impact and reach has more than multiplied. On Facebook it's been viewed more than 15 million times. People were so moved, myself included. It's amazing how what may seem like so little has meant so much.

I got to thinking. What if he hadn't sung that day?  What if he never filmed it? Better yet what if he never decided to share his talent with others. What if he thought it was no big deal and wouldn't impact anyone so he kept it to himself? I hope you see where I'm going with this. He had talent and he used it! And it's impact had a rippling effect.  It's no different for you or me. No I can't sing like Mike Yung but I have my own unique talents. I SEW! And that's a Superpower! Believe it or not sewing was something I used to consider not to be so unique or special but I've come to look at things differently. No one can do exactly what I can the way I can. That's not to say no one is more talented. Absolutely not, there's way more talented people out there. But there's only ONE ME and there's only ONE YOU! And it's that uniqueness that sets us apart and validates our importance. Oftentimes even I forget this. I'm glad for the reminder!

So the next time you're tempted to shrug off your talents as unimportant---DON'T! The next time you think your insignificant- DON'T! The next time you think your contribution won't mean much of anything---DON'T!  Don't undermine your gifts or talents! Don't keep that goodness to yourself. You never know who you may influence. Even if you influence one person it's worth it! By being yourself, operating in your God given gifts you have the potential to impact so many! Remember someone needs you! Thanks Mike Yung for the reminder! Keep on singing!

BTW, let's stay connected! I plan to increase my blog postings. But you can find me on Instagram- VictoriaBaylor or TailoredSeamsbyVictoria and I'm on Periscope - 10,000 Hours of Sewing  and of course on Facebook - tenthousandhoursofsewing

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Want to learn about pattern manipulations....check out Dawn over at Duelling Designs!

I've had alot of work going on but I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on watching Dawn's pattern manipulation lessons over at her Duelling Designs periscope TV channel HERE. I've been studying patternmaking throughout the years and have a load of textbooks on the subject, worked personally with a Draper but I've enjoyed the added bonus of having someone to demonstrate the principals to you via video. She's EXTREMELY knowledgeable and passionate on the subject. It helps that she has a great teaching voice and always gives concise and thorough information. On top of that she's one of the sweetest people on the planet and her and her husband (aka camera man) make a great duo in producing and directing the episodes. So if you haven't checked out Dawn please do. She's got design challenges, hosts The Sewing Blab with Alethia Hudson and a bunch of great sewing related happenings! You can check out her website here  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Review: The Blue Burnout Assymetrical Top NL 6453

My style is very  uncomplicated which is why I LOVE this top! I whipped this together in just a few short hours. It's Newlook 6453 and it was love at first sight!  I love the fit and drape of this top. Besides that the burnout fabric I had in my stash was the perfect weight for this project. It's lightweight and sheer. Unfortunately you can't see the burnout design in this photo since I'm wearing a dark shirt underneath but would easily show up with a lighter one. This sewed together easily. I made view A in pattern size 10. I normally make the 12 but since I didn't want alot of ease I downsized. I like loose tops but I don't want to feel as if I'm swimming in them! I could have a dozen of these tops in my wardrobe. Makes for easy and effortless style which I'm all about. I paired this top with light denim jeans, animal print peep toe heels and a hanging necklace.

 (Full view)

 (lots of flare)

 (Fabric upclose)

(Fabric up close)

This was a fun top to make and wear! Now I just need to find more fabric to make more :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reviews: Mother Daughter Colorful Matching Tunics and the Janome Mod 100

School started this week so this past weekend I thought it would be great to take my daughter out for some Mother/Daughter bonding. A friend of mine was putting on a fashion show so I immediately thought that would be the perfect event for us. I mean we both love fashion and have our own distinct styles. To sweeten the deal we thought it would be cute to dress alike for the event. So with a full work week and very limited time I pulled out 2 patterns--- New Look 0558 for my daughter and Simplicity 0347 for myself. The designs were pretty straight forward and I allowed my multicolor jersey fabric to do all of the "talking". I bought a ton of this fabric at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta a couple of years back for a project and am just now using it. It's bright and lively but I like that.

I whipped these 2 tops together SO fast! I can thank my new and trust Janome Mod 100 for her help! I'm delighted to partner with Janome in getting the word out about how great this machine is! This machine is awesome and "purred like a kitten" so to speak with use. It's fast stitching and ease of use helped make these 2 tops come together fast! Plus it's new cool design and coloration was just as cool as the fabric I was sewing! I really love this machine! It's reliable yet fun and stylish!

I'd been wanting to make Simplicity 0347 for quite sometime.  It's a lovely top and I love the dolman sleeves and plunging neckline. Due to the vivid color I styled the outfit simply. At the last minute I couldn't track down my favorite geometrical shaped gray earring (I was distraught over this ya'll) so I settled for some black hanging loops and decided not to wear a necklace. If I'd been thinking straight I would have made this top just a bit longer to transform it into a dress to wear with strappy black heels. Since I didn't I paired with black legging and strapped platforms.

I changed up NewLook 0058 to make it into a short dress/long tunic so my daughter would have some versatility in wearing it. Again, due to the busy print I decided against adding any other details to it. Although a cute hanging beaded black necklace would've been really cute. Either way she loved it and she got lots of compliments. Here she is modeling it.....

Here's a snap of us after the fashion show with Stephanie from Jasee'O Design and Company--who put on the fashion show to display her summer camp student's work! Photo courtesy of

After the show we went for pizza....and it was good!

That was a fun Mother/Daughter outing! Never really need a reason to dress up with my daughter but it's always great when we do!!!!

Thanks to Janome for sponsoring this post. The reviews of the Janome Mod were all my own and 100% genuine!

Monday, July 25, 2016

One Day Course Sale!!!! 50% Off---TODAY ONLY!

I'm in my sewing lab with some great projects in the works that I will be posting about really soon so please stay tuned. If you're not already be sure to follow me over on Facebook at

I did get this little inbox announcement today and was eager to share. Most of you know I'm a BurdaStyle instructor and have produced an awesome pants fitting course with BS--Perfecting the Art of Pants Fitting: Construction the Easy Way! Well it's on sale TODAY ONLY for 50% off. That's the cheapest I've ever seen!!! I'm so excited to share this with you. Everyone who takes this course thoroughly enjoy it! I share ALL of my pants making insights and tips. So many sewers struggle with making pants and this course is designed to get you over the hump. There are other courses on sale as well so be sure to use the code in the photo toward the featured one's. Remember your sewing skills are only as good as what you've learned and applied. I know my course will help you get even further and perfect your skills. Enjoy!!!

Course Link: HERE

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What to do when your dress ends up on "Life Support"?????

Ok, I find myself in a little predicament but that's ok, predicaments happen when you sew! I have been wanting a shirt dress for quite some time now! So I sewed up this dress on last week using this lovely, flowy floral fabric in my stash which I grabbed from Hancock's months ago (pre-closing announcement). I was trying to find a suitable pattern and opted to go with McCall 6885, a great shirt dress pattern that's technically intended for a slightly rigid fabric such as a cotton although crepe is listed as a recommended fabric. I used this pattern nonetheless since it has the basic shape I was going for. Long story short I ran into some "fit" complications. I tried the dress on and it seems I'm going to have to do some special modifications to make it look the way I want to, some not necessarily recommended in the pattern but as a sewing professional I feel inclined to do. And hence my dress is currently on "life support" know that weird place of either turning out really good or ending up as a failed garment.

What's so funny is that yearsssssss ago when I was a newbie sewer a situation like this would've sent me into a "tail spin". My first line of action would've been to toss the dress out entirely. I would've panicked, gotten frustrated and gotten frustrated to the point where I'd threaten to give up sewing LOLLLL---well that last part only lasted a minute and I was back to sewing LOLLLLL! And trust me , although I'm way more experienced now, I still may be prone to toss something nowadays if it doesn't turn out exactly as intended and isn't worth the effort. But it's nice to be at a place where I know how to make modifications in my sewing that can transform clothes to my liking. Situations like these don't frustrate me and I recognize my options.

In Short, here's what I've learned about how to handle a garment on "Life Support"......

1. Don't panic---when does it ever help??? LOL
2. Evaluate the garment's "stats"--- is there a strong heartbeat or a flatline? Does it seem like something you can save or not? If a flatline then let it go, toss it out and work on something else. If a heartbeat---or the possibility that you can make it work then proceed to do so. Put it on "life support" and do everything you can to save it! It's in these time that you find your true creativity and test your ingenuity in clothing construction/design! I've had my best ideas in these moments!!!
3a. Proudly wear your garment if the save is successful!!! You deserve to! You fought for it and made it work---CONGRATS!!!!
3b. If not then it's ok to take your garment off life support. You gave it your best shot but sometimes you can't save every problematic garment! Learn the lessons and move on. They will make you a BETTER sewer! It's that simple and technically that's the best part!

 So I'm going to do my best to "save" this dress! I've got some great ideas in mind and not much is needed to correct the fit. Of course I originally intended to add a tie belt (not pictured) and will make some other changes. We'll see how it look. If all goes well I'll be delighted and will post soon! So my question for you is how do you deal with your garments that end up on "life support"---do you usually toss them out or work to fix the problems???


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