Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Sewing Projects and NEW BLOG CHALLENGE!!!!

I'm so sorry I've been away for too long. Not intentional! Been a busy little bee churning out some serious sewing projects in the last few weeks. If you follow me on Instagram HERE then you probably already know since I post daily. Anywho, here are a few of the projects I've done. I've done a good bit of client sewing too. Can't post everything---would take a while to dig up pics but check out my Instagram for more and for the pattern numbers. I made a few comments about the projects below too.

This is one of the new Vogue pattern--9259. I made it using knit instead of a more stable fabric as suggested. I wanted a heavier drape and the legs to be less full. I did take in the legs a good bit and stabilized the heck out of the sides and front so things wouldn't stretch out of place. Turned out great!

-Easy and fun project made out of cotton

 -No pattern used for skirt. Top is McCall's body suit. Made the medium. Warning--I added 1/2 elastic around the bodysuit neckline. There was no way it was going to fit snuggly without it. A stable knit really is key.

 -Oop Butterick skirt with rayon fabric. Love this. Used previously madee black bodysuit for this outfit.

 -Love this dress. I made 3 different versions for clients. This was one of my faves.

 Swimsuit coverup I made for weekend getaway w/ Hubby!

 -Simplicy 1318 completed yesterday using really old fabric from my stash. I modified the pattern a bit by making it longer in the front and ditching the band. Love this! Will make more kimono's. They are fun to wear!

 Butterick 5614 top in a fun print

 Our popular dress is on sale and for a GREAT price! Get yours today!

-As most of you know I do custom sewing but I also have an Image and Style business called Dressed in 10 ( We've got a new logo and look. Our Dressed in 10 Image and Style University courses are available for individual topics. If anyone is struggling with style then getting great information is the best place to start!!! Go HERE for more info!

Ok, and last but not least! I have a bit of a surprise. I'm starting a new challenge. That's right a NEW CHALLENGE! STAY tuned--- details coming soon! 

In the meantime can't believe Summer will be over soon. What sewing projects have been the highlight of your Summer? Were you as productive as you hoped? Learn any new skills? Take on any new challenges????

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Product Review: My New & Exciting Clothing Labels made by Dutch Label Shop!

Every sewer, whether for a business or not wants amazing clothing labels to sew into their amazing clothes, right? I know I do! Ever since I started my 2nd business---Dressed in 10 ( my Image and Style Education and Consulting Business I wanted to get clothing labels done to reflect my brand. I'm passionate about beautifying women and using clothes to reflect the beauty of a woman's soul!  I'm currently working on creating effortless and fashionable looks for women (COMING SOON) and for my clothing labels decided to use my logo (made by Tina which I love! The only trick was finding someone who could do the task in high quality fashion at a reasonable price.  I was thrilled to learn about Dutch Label Shop ( After perusing their website I was definitely interested in giving them a try. I wondered if they would be able to duplicate my label. I placed the order, which I found really easy to do using their step by step process. Everything I needed to do was listed and I didn't have any guess work. I quickly chose the woven label option and made all of my selections. The process from start to finish was pretty easy. And then came the wait. Which I'm amazed wasn't long at all. The processing was quick and I received shipping/tracking info asap. I have to admit I was pretty excited when they arrived by mail. But I was more amazed when I took a look at them. THEY WERE EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Now I can see why DLS scores so high in customer satisfaction. I guess I should stop talking and let you see for yourself.......

They came all nice and neatly packaged! I'm well stocked now!

I'm especially excited that it's a sizable label without being over-sized. They measure 1" wide and 1.25" long. It only uses 2 inks---black and red. The red is actually a shimmery one so the hanger and the shoes have a sparkle to them which is so cute!

I can't believe I have 300 of these gorgeous beauties! I need to get to sewing! And they were only around $0.35 each which is incredible! And of course the more you buy the cheaper they are!

Here's my business card bearing my logo along with my new clothing label! I love that my brand is represented on my cards and in my fashions!

I definitely give a THOUSAND thanks to Dutch Label Shop for doing such a marvelous job on my labels!!! They exceeded my expectations!  And of course I don't want to be the one to have all of the fun so here's a gift of a 15% discount from the gracious folks over at Dutch Label Shop. Just use the code "tenthousandsewing15". Trust me you along with the other thousands who have tried them won't be disappointed!

As always I love to bring you the latest deals and resources. I was proud to to have Dutch Label Shop sponsor this post. Please know the reviews are 100% my genuine and honest opinion!!!

Until next time, happy sewing! Don't forget to follow me over at Instagram---Victoria Baylor and at Dressedin10

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Floral Cold Shoulder Peplum

If you've followed my blog for a while then you know there's nothing I love more than a pretty peplum. With that being said I knew I had to make a cold-shoulder version. So I frankensteined Simplicity 8337 (bodice) and McCall's 6754 (peplum)to create this beauty using a this lovely floral print. Of course I did some pattern changes to achieve just the look I wanted and I always slash and spread my peplum patterns to add more peplum volume.  Despite it being a cloudy day and a bit rainy I was able to get a few pics.

I was super happy with how this came out. This was a fun little piece to add to the wardrobe. Have you added any fun little sewn pieces to your wardrobe lately?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sewing Details---Mom & Daughter Mother's Day Neoprene dresses

Mother's Day is always a special time of year. And you know as a tradition I like to make something to wear for my daughter and I to commemorate the occasion. This year I found a gorgeous floral neoprene with mesh overlay and just had a gut feeling that it would be a great fabric choice. My daughter agree which made things super easy! However up until about 3 days ago I was debating using a different fabric all together. I even bought another one. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to make out of this bright fabric and to be honest I got a little intimidated. For me the perfect piece is the result of the perfect marriage of fabric and design. And with no concrete design ideas in mind I was about to throw in the towel. But at the last moment I had a design epiphany and fortunately was able to create 2 pieces for my daughter and I that I love very much. Shoot I ended up liking my dress so much I didn't want to take it off LOLLLL! That's the power of clothing---it has the ability to positively affect us in strong ways!!!

So here are the details about our dresses----
My dress-- A princess seam fitted bodice with shoulder detailing and flared skirt

-I used the bodice of Butterick 6066 view D and the circle skirt from McCalls 6754--I especially love the flare of the skirt. I wanted it to be full, dramatic and twirl-able LOL!
-I changed the pattern up a bit---I added a middriff. Mind you I didn't do my normal muslin to test the top and made it straight out. It ended up being a bit short in the front which was surprising. I added a 1" middriff and topstitched my faux leather and chain trim so you can't even tell up close that a middriff was added.
-I used black ponte roma for the sleeve contrast and to line the bodice.
-I added about 3" to the skirt length since I'm tall and hemmed using a narrow hem.

(netted floral neoprene fabric with added faux letter overlayed with chain trim for the middriff)

My Daughter's dress--An off the shoulder loose fitting dress with flounce and straps

-I used NewLook 6507---It's official! My kid can wear the adult size patterns now. Where did my baby go?????? I made her the extra small. Of course I had to rig it a bit. The pattern was far too wide for her chest so I ended up taking it in 2" on center front/back seams. I cut out and sewed up only to realize I'd taken out too much circumference she needed so I ended adding back in 2: panels on the side. It was an easy fix.
-I did one flounce instead of 2. Because of that I had to be creative of how I created the elastic channel---since the 2nd flounce was needed for that. But I figure it out.
-I added the same chain trim I used in my dress middriff and added to her shoulder straps.
-I also added darts in the back for contouring.

Despite some of the unexpected challenges I had in sewing these up they went together pretty fast. I literally made these in a little less than a day's time. It's my usual "pulling the rabbit out of the hat" trick LOL! Anyhow I'm delighted with the result and happy to have had a great day at church and quality time with the family. We went for an unconventional Mother's day lunch at Five Guys and the cashier was kind enough to pick up the tab in honor of Mother's Day. It was so sweet and especially so when she looked me in the eyes and said I deserved it! Made me a little misty eyed! After that there was ice cream and more hanging out! I thoroughly enjoyed my special day and I'm thankful to God for these 2 folks who are the reason I'm a mother! I hope you had a wonderful celebration as well!!! BTW, did you know I was on Instagram? Please check me out at VictoriaBaylor and am over at Dressedin10--- where I talk personal style and image consulting! Until next time Happy Sewing!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Burgundy Ginkos Print Off The Shoulder Dress

I had a wonderful time making this dress! I collaborated with and chose to use their Ginkos Cotton Sateen to make this little number. You can read about my inspiration and see more pics at their website HERE

For all of you sewers here are some additional details----

I used Simplicity 8332 view B as an inspiration and changed the pattern a bit. I did the following:

1. Added to thebodice length --1" at top and 1" at bottom waist.
2. I cut size 12 and graded to 14 in the hips.
3. I used 3/4" elastic nonroll around shoulders---I prefer thicker elastic for better security.
4. I also used 3/4" nonroll elastic at waist. I joined bodice and skirt together then sewed seam at 1" to partially create my elastic casing. I then serged seam edge all around leaving small opening to insert elastic. Once added, fitted and sewn I just serged opening closed.
5. I also lengthened and widened sleeve.
6. I added a good bit to the length making it assymetrical---shorter in front, longer in the back
7. I skipped waist gathering step and instead made sure waist and bodice were same circumference (requiring I take some out of waist area) and then attached together, and moving on to elastic addition step.

All in all I love this dress! Just my style! I plan to make more. It's a great way to pair up a great print with a fun design!

Until next time,,,,, Happy Sewing!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Father/Daughter Banquet Brocade and Tulle Outfit!!!

Last night's Father/Daugher Banquet was amazing! This is an event our church hosts and I make a dress for my daughter every year (been doing it since she was 4 and she's almost 10!!!). We LOVEEEE this event. All dads and daughters don their fanciest attire, eat great food, have fun playing games and dance the night away!!! A few years back I was asked to volunteer and assist the night of the event so I get to attend as well and it's become a family tradition. It's fun when we all get to hit the dance floor LOL!

I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to make her outfit in time. I've had an insane schedule and to be quite honest up until the morning of the event I didn't even have a bodice or pattern in her size. Fortunately I was able to use my grading skill to alter an old pattern and 2 muslins later a cute bodice was made. Thank God---I really was sweating bullets for a moment LOL! All in all I sewed up everthing in less than a day so it worked out.

(The fabric is a gorgeous brocade. It was a remnant I picked up years ago. I only had enough of it for a bodice).

 (I combined it with 3 colors of tulle for the skirt. I used a total of 15 yards (6 pink, 6 purple, 3 green). The tulle of course came folded in half so I gathered it on the half edge (so I'd have a double layer of each color---except the green which was a single layer. There is also a purple satin underskirt. I cut the tulle in layers so all of the colors would be visible.)

 (I played with some trim options and ended up using the purple stretch trim on the right. I added it to the elasticized waist of the skirt)

I used these as the base patterns and made a good bit of changes to them. The simplicity for the skirt and NL for the top!

I detailed my ideas in the last Tailor and the Dressmaker show episode....

Here are some pics of the dress and event....

 (She loved twirling in this dress)

 (Hubby, Daughter and Goddaughter)

 (My daughter and 2 Goddaughters-LOVE  my babies!!!)

 (She danced out of her shoes---LITERALLY and spent most of the night dancing on the stage! She's a little party animal. Like someone else I know (pointing at her father LOLLLL).

(Afterwards they always head downtown for ice cream. Another great year! My daughter is so blessed to have a great Dad, Goddad, and her Godsisters for special events like this! Looking forward to the next!)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This Week's Sewing Plans and other goings on......

I'm super excited about this upcoming week! I FINALLY get to do some sewing for myself and can't wait!!! The inspiration behind my upcoming sewing project is mainly based on a lovely gift I received from my Husband from my recent birthday (Feb 9th). He got me tickets to see Shen Yun!!!! As you know I've done ballet costumes for the last couple of years so dance costumes have really intrigued me as of late. Anyhow he got me tickets and the show was PHENOMENAL to say the least. The colors, choreography, music--it was all extremely beautiful. It literally was a visual assault of colors! I was really enthralled with the costumes (my motivation for wanting to go in the first place)--they were so colorful and were made from the most beautiful textiles. Anyhow here are some pics. Mind you everyone was prohibited by law from taking pics during the show but here are some from the brochure.

See what I mean, just breathtaking! I recommend this show to everyone! So because I'm in full "celebrate Asian cultures mode"---China, Japan, etc. I have this gorgeous piece of purple cotton Geisha girl themed fabric that I want to create something cute to wear out of. I JUST LOVE IT!!! It has shiny gold accents throughout.

I plan on wearing it at the next filming of the Tailor and the Dressmaker show as I mentioned in the episode from last week HERE. So I've got lots to do and will be busy, busy the next couple of day.

The month of March is going to be pretty fun in the sewing department as well. Our church is having it's annual Father/Daughter Banquet at the end of the month. For those who have been following me for quite some time know I ALWAYSSSSS make a custom dress for my little princess. I started at age 4 and she's 9 so needless to say those dresses get bigger and bigger and fancier and fancier each year. It's such a fun project. Here's her dress from last year.....
Anyhow we're going back and forth on the color scheme but we may do something "tropical" this year so stay tuned.

Also, as you know I have a custom sewing business---how I make my living. Well I've expanded into Image and Style Consulting through my business Dressed In 10 ( I love empowering women to discover their best style and effortlessly maintain it through resources and educational tools we offer. With that being said I'm hosting my FREE 7 Day webinar for those who are interested. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning or you experience any frustration selecting your clothes then this is for YOU!  Just go to my site dressedin10 and sign up (see box upper right). Here's the flyer. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!!! I love to teach and teaching women to uncover and discover their true beauty without stress and struggle is what I love to do! It's just liberating to really step into being who you want to be.

I also have a very exciting project coming up in March that I can't wait to share. Will fill you in later this week! Hope you have an amazing sewing week!!!


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